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Corporate Intelligence

Corporate Intelligence is professionally staffed, licensed and insured in Maine. The company is heavily experienced. Investigators have provided testimony (and admitted evidence) in state courts, federal courts, and at administrative hearings. Civil and criminal investigations , as well as workers’ compensation “activities checks” are accomplished as a matter of routine. Locating defendants and witnesses , conducting formal interviews and work in support of a legal interest is a regular accomplishment.


Primary Service Areas

Background Screening

We pride ourselves in a “hands on” approach to pre-employment information needs and those services specifically structured to serve the Legal Community and the Insurance Industry.

Investigative Services

Corporate Intelligence investigators locate assets, conduct witness interviews, take recorded statements, locate witnesses and defendants, and serve civil process.

Security Services

In today’s complex society and economic times, the old methodology of security is not enough to keep our people and assets safe at work and within the communities we live.

Maine’s Largest Resource For Background Searches

With diverse backgrounds in legal, military, retail, manufacturing, medical and private banking & investment, the staff of Corporate Intelligence has acquired extensive experience in the fields of Security, Investigation & Background Screening.

Corporate Intelligence is proud to be Maine’s largest resource for background searches.




Criminal Ratio

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Corporate Intelligence has the experience required to work with local companies, municipalities, and non-profits throughout Maine.  Corporate Intelligence is a locally owned and Maine based company, as such, we can help your Maine based organization benefit from our specialized talent and ability. Contact us for a free consultation today. We look forward to working with you.

Professional Experience, Credentials & Accreditations

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Accredited Legal Investigators- exceeding 5,000 case assignments (Maine)


Police Consultant and Industrial Security Advisor, Fortune 500 Company (International Experience)


Courtroom testimony and evidence admission at federal courts, state courts, and at administrative hearings


Federal Agency Program Manager, Senior Executive Service Level, Counterintelligence/Anti-Terrorist Group Leader, Pentagon, VA


Special Agent (Ret.) DOD/SAF Office of Special Investigations, Special Operations and Projects Division, Pentagon, VA


Municipal Chief of Police

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